New features released on Windows Azure from ScottGu Blog

New features released on Windows Azure from ScottGu Blog

List of new features, for more check the link for ScottGu blog post.

  • Storage: Import/Export Hard Disk Drives to your Storage Accounts
  • HDInsight: General Availability of our Hadoop Service in the cloud
  • Virtual Machines: New VM Gallery, ACL support for VIPs
  • Web Sites: WebSocket and Remote Debugging Support
  • Notification Hubs: Segmented customer push notification support with tag expressions
  • TFS & GIT: Continuous Delivery Support for Web Sites + Cloud Services
  • Developer Analytics: New Relic support for Web Sites + Mobile Services
  • Service Bus: Support for partitioned queues and topics
  • Billing: New Billing Alert Service that sends emails notifications when your bill hits a threshold you define