How to define an Alert on Windows Azure to monitor your Services?

1. After you log on Azure management portal, click on Settings in the lower left corner, check the screenshot below.



2. Click on Alerts link on the upper middle tab in the right pane, check the screenshot.



3. Click on Add Rule button in the lower tab, see the screenshot.



4. The below popup will appear , fill the name, description of the alert and then choose the service type that you want to monitor to filter the service name drop down to show the services of that type to choose from.


5. Click Image to navigate to the next page and complete the definition of the alert that you want. 

Note: the metrics appear in the second page is related to the service type you choose.

Happy Monitoring 🙂

New Feature: Creating Alerts on Windows Azure

Windows Azure product team has released couple of days ago a new feature on Windows Azure to create alerts to warn the service administrator and co-administrators and/or any other email alias you provide with any anomaly in certain monitored metrics on your Windows azure following services:

  • Website
  • Virtual Machine
  • Mobile Service
  • Cloud Service

a lot of customers were waiting for such feature to alert them when the CPU % exceeds certain threshold and a lot more.